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Welcome to ADD MY LINK MARKETING! Please read this carefully so you understand how this service works. First of all, understand that this service is free of charge. We will never charge you to use this service. Unfortunately, we can only help advertise one website or affiliate link. If you want you can have all your affiliate links in one website. But you cannot have multiple entries into the system. We are trying to be fair to everyone.

Click on the button below to signup. Once you click below you will see a web page before you get to the signup form. That is an ad from a member using our system. That is also how your ad will be displayed in our system to other subscribers. After you signup the popup form will disappear giving you full access to the website been advertised. You can close the popup form if you want to see the website before you signup. Thanks for for trying our service. Let's get started!


How do I track my traffic with this system? This is a great question! This is a free service that I'm offering to the home-based business community. Therefore, we are limited to the amount of benefits we can offer. Tracking your traffic is one of those service that we cannot offer at this time. But, that does not mean you cannot use other system to track the traffic that you are getting from our service.

There is one service that I use myself to track all my online advertising. I'm confident in referring this service to all members who need to track their traffic. The service is free and it offer almost everything one can possible need in a traffic tracker system. Click below to learn more about this service. Thanks!

Leads Leap


I have been a member of and have always been impressed with all the values that it offers to its members, even for free members.

These are what you can do with LeadsLeap:

- Advertise free and get quality targeted traffic.

- Make money from its PPC program. (No website needed.)

- Write reviews and get SEO traffic. (Again, no website needed.)

- Use its link tracker to check if you're getting real visitors or bot traffic. (This is my favourite.)

- Create stunning popups free.

- You can even add the popups you've created to your tracker. (How cool is that?)

- And many more...

You will have fun exploring its different tools. Give this program a try!

It's free anyway!

Leads Leap

If you are also looking to have your banner displayed on this website then please when send me your email with your link you need to attached an image of your banner. Please note that your banner image must be 125 by 125. All other banner sizes are automatically disqualified for this program. All banner ads need to to be the same size when displayed on this website. If your affiliate program does not provide a 125 by 125 banner, you could create your own banner image to use this system.

Please, remember that this part of the service is not free. We have to charge for it to cover administrative cost. You do not have to use this service if you don't want it. I just thought you might want to have your banner displayed on this website for all visitors to see. As you will problably notice, I always have visitors online reading my blog or updates. This could me clicks to your banner. I can promise you sells or signups but you will definitely get unlimited banner impressions.

I know other systems charge a cost per impression. I don't believe in charging you per impressions. I don't believe in charging you per month. I don't even believe and charging per year for banner impressions. Your cost will be just a one-time setup fee for unlimited impressions for the lifetime of! This will increase traffic to your affiliate link or website. Signup for ADD MY BANNER MARKETING is the same as signing up for ADD MY LINK MARKETING. Just use the button below to get started. Thanks for choosing!