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Add My Banner Marketing For AMLM Members

This is an update for all my AMLM members! If you are not a subscribers please go to the ADD MY LINK MARKETING free signup page to become a subscribers. This is important because new service launch will only be available to my AMLM subscribers. Ok, I have decided to launch a new service here at which ADD MY BANNER MARKETING. Unlike the ADD MY LINK MARKETING service, there will be a setup fee for subscribers who want to use this service.

ADD MY BANNER MARKETING service will provide more exposure to your website or affiliate link. With our free add my link service you only get exposure from people that are subscribing for the service. If people don't subscribe then nobody see your website. I wanted to do something more then just sending you subscribers traffic. I wanted to do something that exposure your website to every single visitors on whether they subscribe or not. That is why i decided to add this additional banner ads service.

Here is how it works! If you look on the right of this page you will notice 10 banner ads position. When you purchase a banner ad from us that banner will rotate in all 10 banner ads positions on for the lifetime of this website. As you can see, we are getting steady daily traffic here. Not bad for a site that was re-launched a few days ago. But, we have to charge a setup fee for this service to keep this website up an running. But don't worry! We are not going to charge an arm and a leg for this service. Your cost will be just a one-time setup fee and you get lifetime banner advertising on

But we don't offer this service to everyone. We will only provide this service to members of our AMLM service. The reason why we do this is because all members of our AMLM  system were already qualified for our service. Please understand that not every website is qualified for our service. Our goal is to keep this website clean from all illegal or suspicious site. Therefore, you need to signup for our AMLM service first then, if you qualified for this service, you will also be qualified for our AMBM service.

All member that is qualified for AMLM service will receive an email that will invite them to purchase the AMBM service. Please, note that this is an optional service. You can keep been a free member of our AMLM service for life. But, if you decide that you want more exposure to your link then our AMBM is your best bet. You will be also helping me keep that website online. As you already know, keeping a website online cost money. Also, making sure that our website generate traffic on a daily basis cost money. We spent thousands of dollars to make this service available to you for a one-time setup fee.

If you want to use our banner service then you need a banner size that is 125 by 125 we cannot advertise any other banners that do not meet this requirement. Then you need to go to the quick link section of this website then signup for add my link marketing for free. You will receive an email on how to proceed to send me your website or affiliate link. I will review your link and get back to you as soon as possible with your qualification status. If you qualified you will also receive information about getting your website or affiliate link in rotation in for all visitors to see.

CLICK HERE to learn more about ADD MY LINK MARKETING if you have not registered. I'm looking forward to connecting and helping get more traffic to your website or affiliate link. Take care for now!

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