Add My Link Marketing

Add My Link Marketing Launched!

Hello and welcome to! Our goal is to help small and home-based business owner build a strong online presence for their business. We can help you set up everything from choosing your domain name to setting up your website. If you would like to learn more about those service and tool then please visit the GDI products and services section of this website. If you already have your website setup then you might be qualified for our free add my link marketing service.

What is Add My Link Marketing? AMLM is a service created to help small and home-based business owners advertise online. The service is free of charge but there are some requirements. Not all websites can be added to our AMLM system. We do not accept any site that promote illegal activities. All sites are manually reviewed before been added in our system. We want to keep our system clean for all visitors or subscribers. If your business is legitimate and legal then most likely you will be qualified but our team reserve the sole right to make that decision.

How does Add My Link Marketing works? First, you have to go to the add my link marketing section below then signup by choosing one of the social media option provided. Once you do that, the system will pick and display an advertiser website. Please take some time to check the website because that is how your website will be displayed as well for  others to see. There is no timing when viewing the website because we believe that you will spend some time checking the website it it pick your interest. Next, check your email for instruction about getting your website listed with us.

How long does it take for my site to be listed? It depends, If your site is a lead capture page then we might have to investigate further as lead capture pages don't give enough information upfront for us to make a decision. For other sites it might take less time for them to get listed. Nevertheless, all subscribers will receive an email to let them know if their site has been approved and listed in our system. Also, subscribers have to personally send me their website to the email provided. The longer it take for someone to send me their website the longer the process will take.

How do we know the traffic is real? We are using a system that is a top notch technology! First, we are not just asking people to give us an email to subscribe but we asking them to subscribe with their social media account. Second, I will personally send them email follow to setup their website in the system. The system we are using will hard for a robot to get though. There are a lot of verification happening in the background before a subscription is successful.

How can this service be for free? Good question! I cannot promise that this service will always be free but for now my main goal is to build relationship with my subscribers. It's my belief that building good and professional relationship with people is more valuable then money. It is also my belief that you would consider joining GDI using this website if you do not have an account with them already. But, in reality, it does not matter because you still get this service for free whether you join using this website or not. Thanks for choosing!


Add My Banner Marketing For AMLM Members

This is an update for all my AMLM members! If you are not a subscribers please go to the ADD MY LINK MARKETING free signup page to become a subscribers. This is important because new service launch will only be available to my AMLM subscribers. Ok, I have decided to launch a new service here at which ADD MY BANNER MARKETING. Unlike the ADD MY LINK MARKETING service, there will be a setup fee for subscribers who want to use this service.

ADD MY BANNER MARKETING service will provide more exposure to your website or affiliate link. With our free add my link service you only get exposure from people that are subscribing for the service. If people don't subscribe then nobody see your website. I wanted to do something more then just sending you subscribers traffic. I wanted to do something that exposure your website to every single visitors on whether they subscribe or not. That is why i decided to add this additional banner ads service.

Here is how it works! If you look on the right of this page you will notice 10 banner ads position. When you purchase a banner ad from us that banner will rotate in all 10 banner ads positions on for the lifetime of this website. As you can see, we are getting steady daily traffic here. Not bad for a site that was re-launched a few days ago. But, we have to charge a setup fee for this service to keep this website up an running. But don't worry! We are not going to charge an arm and a leg for this service. Your cost will be just a one-time setup fee and you get lifetime banner advertising on

But we don't offer this service to everyone. We will only provide this service to members of our AMLM service. The reason why we do this is because all members of our AMLM  system were already qualified for our service. Please understand that not every website is qualified for our service. Our goal is to keep this website clean from all illegal or suspicious site. Therefore, you need to signup for our AMLM service first then, if you qualified for this service, you will also be qualified for our AMBM service.

All member that is qualified for AMLM service will receive an email that will invite them to purchase the AMBM service. Please, note that this is an optional service. You can keep been a free member of our AMLM service for life. But, if you decide that you want more exposure to your link then our AMBM is your best bet. You will be also helping me keep that website online. As you already know, keeping a website online cost money. Also, making sure that our website generate traffic on a daily basis cost money. We spent thousands of dollars to make this service available to you for a one-time setup fee.

If you want to use our banner service then you need a banner size that is 125 by 125 we cannot advertise any other banners that do not meet this requirement. Then you need to go to the quick link section of this website then signup for add my link marketing for free. You will receive an email on how to proceed to send me your website or affiliate link. I will review your link and get back to you as soon as possible with your qualification status. If you qualified you will also receive information about getting your website or affiliate link in rotation in for all visitors to see.

CLICK HERE to learn more about ADD MY LINK MARKETING if you have not registered. I'm looking forward to connecting and helping get more traffic to your website or affiliate link. Take care for now!


What is network marketing?

Are you an affiliate marketer or a network marketer? Have ever ask yourself this question? May you have or maybe you haven't. Nevertheless, this is an important question that everyone in the internet marketing business should ask once in while. Maybe you never ask yourself this question because you thought that affiliate marketing and network marketing are both the same. In a way yes they are but there is a slight difference between the two. Keep reading and you will what the difference is.

First, let's start by thinking about the first idea you thought about when you decide to get involved in affiliate or network marketing. Maybe you idea was that you want to start your own home-based business working from home. Then you found an opportunity which caught your interest then you decided you wanted to get involve with the company. One thing that you did not get a chance to do was to think about whether you see yourself as a business owner or a marketer.

See, a business owner working from home is different from an affiliate or network marketer working from home. How is that possible, you say? Well, even if the business owner, the affiliate marketer, and the network marketer can all claim to have a business but the mindset of each one of them in the way the approach their business is different. In other words you can be working from home as either a business owner, or an affiliate marketer, or a networ marketer.

How do you work from home as a business owner? If you work from home as a business owner then that mean you have develop your own product or service to sell to the public. Therefore, you are responsible to oversee everything from creation of the product or service until its delivery to the final consumer. In between, you are responsible for customer service, marketing, bookkeeping, and so on and so forth. You either do it yourself or you pay others to do it for you. This is what makes you a business owner. You own the business and therefore can make decision about the future of the business.

How do you work from home as an affiliate marketer? If you are an affiliate marketer then what you are is an independent contractor working for one or several business owners. See the business owner has the option to hire either an employee or an independent contractor to help with tasks or projects for his or her business. As an affiliate marketer you do not own the business you just work for the business as a contractor. Some companies will want to make you think that the company is yours so that they can get more commitment out of you but in reality the company is not yours.

Let's the owner decide to close this company tomorrow, you do not have any say in the owner's decision. You don't have any say on how much you get paid. They dictate how much you get paid in their compensation plan. There is nothing you can do about it but to accept. As an affiliate marketer your job is to help the company share or promote their product or service to whomever might be interested. Actually, I don't even think an affiliate marketer should be called an independent contractor because some contractor dictate their own price for the service they provide. Affiliate marketers provide their service at the price dictated by the company.

Why is it important to understand these things? Well, it's all about the mindset! You need to understand that when it come to affiliate marketing, you are neither an employee nor a business owner. Therefore, please don't be emotional about the business. All you do is share and promote that is all. Also, as an affiliate marketer, you don't have to promote just one product or service. You can have affiliate contract with more that one company. Some companies will sell into the idea that they are one of the best companies you can get involve with but do not buy into that mindset. There is always a better option out there. Nobody is perfect therefore no company is either.

How do you work from home as a network marketer? A network marketer is an affiliate market who build or have his or her own network for sharing or promoting offers. Can you see the difference? An affiliate marketer promote without a network but a network marketer promote to his or her network.  Network marketers a mostly involve in building a list of individuals that might be interested in certains offers. Some list are specific and some others are general. Network marketers are list builders! Network marketer put a lot of focus on mastering tools like: lead capture page, landing page, email marketing, autoresponder, etc.

I my own opinion I do believe that network marketers are the ones making a lot of money online. You have heard the saying "the money is in the list," right? Well, i do believe that this mean the money is in network marketing. Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult for you to make money online? Maybe your mindset is that of an affiliate marketer thinking like an employee. You need to stop thinking like an employee affiliate marketer and start thinking like a network marketer. Affiliates that market to a network get faster results then the one without a network. Are you building your network?

All right, I must say that building a network is not that easy. You need the tools to build a network and those tools are not cheap. But you do not have to start with expensive tool. As a matter of fact,  I know a free autoresponder tool that comes with free lead capture pages that you can use to start building your network as of today. If you would like more information about this tool then go to the quick links section of this website and look for the free autoresponder link. That's all for now! Thanks for reading!